DENFAIR Announces Wallpaper* as Principal Media Partner

February 28, 2019

This week DENFAIR announced their 2019 campaign, following last year’s ‘Know the Difference’ campaign, this will present the ‘LIFE WORK’ campaign.

This year DENFAIR focuses more on life in the workplace, as well as life at home.
This year will introduce a brand new workplace sector, and the new AIA co-location.

DENFAIR will for the first time partner with The World’s Global Design Authority, Wallpaper* magazine, who will attend the event as the Principal Media Partner.

Other media partners include, The Local Project, Artichoke, Green Magazine & Hong Kong based Design Anthology.

Our media registration link just went live, so get in nice and early:

DENFAIR will only be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre this year, from June 20-22.

Media enquires contact: [email protected]