New Client: Tangerine Telecom

February 25, 2019

Tangerine Telecom is now one of Australia’s fastest growing NBN providers. Does the rapid business expansion since mid this year have anything to do with Flaunt’s appointment at the same time? Well - Flaunt likes to think the agency had some impact.

While NBN is a new area of business for Flaunt, the PR skills which make the agency so powerful remain the same. Flaunt works closely with the two owners, Richard and Andrew Brandson, to identify key areas of commentary and then this is refined and pitched to news and trade media. Successful outcomes so far include articles in, Seven News, Lifehacker, Pedestrian and a range of IT and Telecommunications media.

As a key part of the marketing plan moving forward, Flaunt is looking forward to assisting the Branson brothers achieve their business goals.