Taubmans ‘Off Canvas’ Creation & Launch

June 22, 2015

With a dominant competitor in Dulux, Taubmans was struggling to find a point of difference in the market. While having a bigger range of colour and better quality would be difficult to prove, Taubmans had a key competitive advantage that could not be duplicated - heritage. Flaunt encouraged Taubmans to celebrate and highlight the fact George Taubman was a signwriter by trade.

In a video series titled Off Canvas, Flaunt featured three artists who created their works on the street - like signwriter George Taubman. Street artist Rone, Muralist Stephen Baker and signwriter TJ Guzzardi were profiled in the video series. All three also became Taubmans ambassadors as part of the project and continue to work with the brand on an ongoing basis.

Flaunt also facilitated Steven Baker creating Taubmans' 2015 fandeck, which you can read more about in Indesign Live HERE